Care & Support of Students

A Just School

Marist College Eastwood is a commmunity that proclaims Jesus as the model that we follow in our own lives and in our relationships with others.  Our vision and its practice in the life of the College is guided by Jesus' life and example, in particular that:

* Jesus was a person of prayer

* He had a deep concern and love for all people, particularly those in need

* He had a real desire for justice.

The daily impact of this vision is that our actions, our way of relating to others and our decisions are guided by the life of Jesus as recounted in the Gospels.

We recognise the quality of our relationships with each other lie at the heart of creating true justice and love in our community and in our world.  We attempt to model our behaviour and attitudes on the peron of Jesus, and to challenge actions and attitudes which hurt, harm or alienate others.

Our College rules are based on promoting the individual dignity of all people, and enhancing the quality of the teaching and learning that takes place in this school.

All members of the College community share the responsibility for ensuring that this vision exists and is promoted in the life of the College.  It is our hope that in promoting these values, we create a more just community and take these values into the wider world.

All rights carry a responsibility.  All students and teachers have the responsibility to respect the rights of others.  When all rights are respected and responsibilities carried out, our College will run smoothly and will create an atmosphere of self discipline and self respect where students are encouraged to develop fully.