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About the P&F
Local school parent associations exist to support the school and its community.  All parents/carers are encouraged to be active members of their local schools' parent association.  Each local association elects or appoints two delegates to represent them at the Archdiocesan level.

The Parents and Friends Association is an important part of the school community.  It represents all the parents of the school as the official parent body in the school community.  The P&F provides the opportunity for parents to share their opinions on subject matters and assist in improving the educational opportunities for our children.

In particular, the P&F aims to participate in the optimal spiritual, intellectual, social and physical development of pupils at Marist College Eastwood by:

* Providing a medium of support, information and involvement of parents/carers in their childrens education and the school community.
* Developing teamwork between parents/carers and school staff.
* Fostering the principles of Catholic education.
* Promoting a distinctive Christian environment in the school.
* Providing a medium for parents/carers to participate at Diocesan, State and Nation levels.

All parents of children at the School are members of the P & F Association. The P & F Association exists through the goodwill and commitment of parents and friends of the College.

Examples of this commitment include:

* Assuming an office bearer position within the P & F Executive group;
* Chairing a sub-committee or being an office bearer for a sub-committee;
* Attending and actively participating in monthly general meetings; or
* Volunteering to help at, or organise, a fundraising activity.

The P & F committee has two roles: Organising social functions that will encourage a sense of community within the School, and raising money for School projects in fun ways.  This allows parents to feel involved in the School without feeling over-burdened.

The P & F are not a lobby group and have no power in the decision-making processes of the School.

If you have School related problems, you should contact:

* Your child's Homeroom teacher
* Year Coordinator
* Assistant Principal
* Principal

The P&F Constitution
Is the governing document identifying the aim and purpose of the Parents and Friends Association of Marist College Eastwood.  The Constitution can only be amended by a majority vote at a General Meeting after giving 14 days written notice.

Click here to view the full constitution of the P & F

The Executive Committee
A committee runs the Marist College Eastwood P & F Association and nominations for this committee are called prior to the Annual General Meeting in November each year.  The P&F AGM for this year will be held on Wednesday November 2nd 2016

The Executive Committee is made up of the following:


Mark Woolford

Assistant Principal  Peter Hughes

Tony Bonney
Vice President Fred Hardtke
Treasurer  Ed Conway


Bronwyn Rosada 

The College is represented at the P&F Association meetings by the Principal and Assistant Principal.  Information is shared with parents about current and strategic planning of the College and provides an opportunity for parents to relate with the Head of the College on broad issues.

The P & F committee meets monthly (excluding school holidays) and input from any member of the Association is valued and welcomed.


Sub Committees may be formed as required such as:

- Market Day Committee

- Social Committee

- Fundraising

- Working Bee

P&F Meetings - Where & When?

P&F General Meetings are conducted at 7:00pm in the College Library on those dates set down in the College Calendar.  Parents are encouraged to attend P&F meetings and to stay for a "cuppa and chat"  afterwards, all very welcome.

At General Meetings, information regarding the activities of the Association is shared with those present. This meeting provides an opportunity for parents and friends of the College to communicate with the Principal of the College in relation to broad issues.

P&F Minutes
Minutes are available at the subsequent scheduled meeting, however items are publicised via P&F newsletters as appropriate.  Please contact the Parents and Friends Secretary to request a copy.


Events include:

New Parents Night - A splendid welcome to new families to the college each February. This is held collectively by both the College and the P&F Association.

College Working Bees - Our own backyard blitz scheduled by the College and is held approximately twice a year.

Marist Open Day - April each year brings the opportunity for prospective families seeking Year 7 College placements for their sons.   The College, parents and student volunteers come together to welcome families to the wonderful traditions of Marist College Eastwood.

Market Day -  Organised by the P&F and held in May each year.  What a buzz the carnival atmosphere brings. 

Social Function - An opportunity for our parents, staff and friends of the College to come together for a night of glitz and glamour.  So get out those frocks, dust off those shoes and we look forward to your company.

Teachers Morning Tea - (World Teacher's Day) An opportunity to say Thank You to the teachers of Marist College Eastwood for the pastoral care, and development of our children and a wonderful way to show our appreciation for all they do.



Should you wish to be involved in the College P & F, please email us on info@maristeastwood.catholic.edu.au







Co- President: Rod Russell
Vice President: Tony Bonney
Treasurer: Joyce van Hulsen-Akouri
Secretary: Bronwyn Rosada
Social Committee: Pia Darmenia, Amanda Tomsic, Adriana Vassallo