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The Library is spacious and well equipped, with up to date books, journals and non print resources, offering a place for students to research, study and read, either with their teachers, or privately during lunch-times and after school.

Students are encouraged to work concurrently with traditional print resources and information technology.

Students are taught Information Skills from years7 - 10 in the context of Library research, so that they may better become independent learners of the future

Note taking and bibliography sheets are provided by the Library and used by students for all research projects, so that they learn from an early age how to take clear precise notes and avoid plagiarism.

Students are also taught from year 7, the Harvard System for Bibliographies, and bibliographies are expected to accompany every assignment.

At Marist College Eastwood we recognise the importance of recreational reading and provide a wide range of both traditional and popular fiction books for the students.

Students are actively encouraged to read through our 'wide reading scheme' and the 'Premier's Reading Challenge' which run through the English classes in years 7 to 10, and are very popular with the students