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 Beyond Blue, Phone: 1300 22 4636
 Macquarie University Psychology Clinic 9850 800
 New Children’s Hospital Department of Psychological Medicine 9845 2005
 Adolescent Depression & Anxiety Clinic – Health Psychology Unit 9514 4077
3. Specific Actions underpinning Anti-bullying at Marist College
3a) Record Keeping at MCE
Marist College Eastwood employs Sentral as its database to keep records on students’ academic achievement and well-being. Records of incidents of a significant nature involving students are kept here. The Sentral system also has a facility to record and track issues of bullying. Year Coordinators in consultation with the Assistant Principal determine when an issue is to be recorded and tracked using this facility in Sentral.
3b) Data Analysis
Students are given an anonymous Bullying Survey twice a year. A presentation is made to students on Anti-bullying prior to each survey being undertaken. The Year Coordinator is responsible for analysing this data and following through with any issues or incidents arising. The procedure to be followed when incidents of bullying are identified through this survey is as outlined in Section 2(d) of this policy.
Furthermore, Year Coordinators may recognise a pattern of bullying from negative incidents recorded by teachers in Sentral. It is their responsibility to consult with the Assistant Principal if they recognise such a pattern of behaviours that may be identified as bullying or if they recognise a pattern of incidents involving a common victim.
3c) Staff Training on Bullying
At the beginning of each year, all Staff are briefed on bullying. In particular, they are brought up-to-date on any change in how bullying is defined and on the categories of bullying. Most importantly, they are reminded of the signs to look for in their classrooms; in particular the signs exhibited by those who may be bullying and the signs exhibited by those who may be a victim. Any teacher who suspects an incident of bullying in their class must report this immediately to the Year Coordinator and their Head of Department for immediate investigation.
Importantly, staff are also briefed on the CEO Policy on Anti-Bullying and shown the link to this policy on the College website.
3d) Embedding teaching and learning strategies
At Marist College Eastwood, the CEO Document “A Sense of the Sacred” is embedded into teaching and Learning Programs. This integration of Catholic values such as love, justice, forgiveness and respect are central to how teaching and learning occurs in the classroom.
More formal lessons on anti-bullying occur within the Pastoral Program for each year group. These lessons are conducted at or around the same time as the bullying surveys are completed. The Police liaison officer is also employed to contribute to the anti-bullying program at Marist.
The PDHPE Department also takes on the responsibility of contributing towards anti-bullying education at Marist College. The following modules are covered:
Year 7
Unit 1 - New Environment, New Challenges:
- types and nature of relationships and
- caring and respectful relationship