Aims and Objectives
The Mathematics Faculty at Marist College Eastwood exists as an integral element in the organisation of the school which strives to offer a Christian education to the students who attend. As such, the teachers in the Mathematics Faculty aim to do their part in imparting this Christian instruction through their Mathematics teaching and through their attitudes and conduct towards their students at all times. These attitudes are reflected in:

* A fundamental respect towards the students they teach.

* Care with respect to the preparation and organisation of lessons

* Willingness to communicate with the parents of students, either in large meetings or personal interviews, regarding the education of their sons.

Because our particular subject is one of the foundation skills needed in any society, we are committed to the following aims:

* To give each pupil a firm grasp of the fundamental operations of arithmetic so that he can adequately perform every-day calculations required in day-to-day living.

* To develop the ability to think logically, to reason things out at a level commensurate with the development of the pupil.

* To develop the ability to communicate in both written and verbal forms.

* To give each pupil the satisfaction of having successfully studied the subject at his level of ability.

* To prepare senior students for further studies beyond Secondary Schooling.

* To develop the ability to use abstract ideas and concepts.

* To develop an appreciation, no matter how elementary, of the importance of mathematics in today's world and the part it is playing in its future development.

The Mathematics Faculty also recognises that every teacher is involved in the evangelisation of the students at MCE and is committed to the promotion of healthy Christian values in the teaching/learning process. 

We aspire to the aim that students should understand and appreciate Mathematics in a social context and within a Gospel values framework.


Year 7
There are six classes graded according to demonstrated ability. Durimg Term 1, boys are placed in classes for Mathematics (as a result of entrance tests during Year 6) and following a series of tests and teacher observation are then re-graded from the beginning of Term 2.  Students are then placed in two graded Divisions which follow the same program with Division 1 providing a greater challenge for the more gifted students.  Continual monitoring of individual performance takes place to ensure that boys are placed in a Division and class which best suits them.

Year 8
There are 5 graded classes in two graded divisions.  As in Year 7, continual monitoring takes place to ensure that boys are placed in the appropriate Division and class.

Year 9
There are 5 graded classes: 9MA1, 9MA2 following Stage 5.3 pathway
                                                  9MA3, 9MA4 following Stage 5.2 pathway
                                                  9MA5 following Stage 5.1 pathway

The progress of each student is followed closely to ensure that they are coping with appropriate level of outcomes and the opportunity remains for boys to be promoted to the advanced pathway (5.3) if they show the required attitude and ability.

Year 10

There are 5 graded classes: 10MA1 following Stage 5.3 pathway
                                                   10MA2, 10MA3, 10MA4 following Stage 5.2 pathway
                                                  10MA5 following Stage 5.1 pathway

Year 11    (HSC Preliminary Course)
Three levels of study are offered:              Extension 1 (3 Unit)              1 Class
                                                                   Mathematics (2 Unit)             1 Class
                                                                   General Mathematics            2 Classes

Year 12    (HSC Course)
Four levels of study are offered:                Extension 2 (4 Unit)              1 Class
                                                                   Extension 1 (3 Unit)              1 Class
                                                                   Mathematics (2 Unit)             1 Class
                                                                   General Mathematics            3 Classes


Note: The number of classes in each level is determined by student demand.

Students at Marist College Eastwood have performed with distinction in both the School Certificate and HSC  examinations of the past few years. 

Our results in both Statewide Examinations are regularly among the best in the Sydney Diocese of Systemic Schools and always well above the State average.

In 2003 our results were the best of all Catholic Systemic Boys Schools in NSW.

In 2008 our results were the best of all Catholic Systemic Boys Schools in the Sydney Diocese.

In 2006 one of our boys was placed 10th in the State in Extension 2 Mathematics.

In 2007 and 2008 all Extension 2 students achieved Band 6 in the HSC.

In 2008, 2009 and 2010 our NAPLAN Year 9 results showed that MCE students between Year 7 and Year 9 achieved among the highest growth in Numeracy of all schools in the Sydney Diocese.

In 2009 and 2010 our SC (Year 10) results were the best of the Inner West Catholic Schools.

Boys at the College are also encouraged to participate in ventures such as the Australian Mathematics Competition and the Australian Mathematics Challenge.  In recent years we have competed with success in the Archdiocesan "Mind on Maths" competition.

We are confident that the combination of a dedicated and experienced staff and a commitment to the fundamentals will continue this trend of success at the College in the future.