Strategic Plan

Strategic Improvement Plan

The Strategic Improvement Plan for Marist College Eastwood reflects a vision born in the thoughts or our community.  Staff, Pastors, Parents and Students shared in the development of this plan which is an attempt to build on past success identified in the College's previous Strategic Improvement Plan whilst identifying areas for improvement and the "breaking of new ground".

Annually, we will review the progress of our plan through reports and Personnel Performance Planning and Review procedures. Each year, we will also identify key goals for the coming 12 months.

Our Marist College Eastwood community is belssed with an abundance of energy and enthusiasm. A "Strategic Improvement Plan" helps us to meld our individual gifts, hopes and abilities so that our work together may reflect 'the greater glory of God".

From 2014, we have launched our new Strategic Improvement Plan called "Raise The Bar and Close The Gap". This document is the outcome of our Cyclic Review and reflects the work completed through the IDEAS process. Along with the Strategic Improvement Plan is the Annual Improvement Plan and our Schoolwide Pedagogical Statement named EXCEL.

Please click here for the 2016 Annual Improvement Plan

Please click here for the Strategic Improvement Plan 2016+

Please click here for the EXCEL Document