The full school uniform consists of:

Summer (Terms 1 and 4)

Black polished leather lace up shoes (not suede, not boots)

Plain black or grey socks

College grey trousers

Black belt

Junior: White shirt - Midford short sleeved school shirt with College crest on pocket

Senior: White shirt and senior school tie

Only plain white T-shirts/singlets (no logos) may be worn under school shirts

College jumper (machine washable)

College cap

Year 7-12 College Bag Only

Winter (Terms 2 and 3)

Black polished leather lace up shoes (not suede, not boots)

Plain black or grey socks

College grey trousers

Black leather belt

Junior: White shirt - Midford long sleeved school shirt (no crest) and Junior School tie

Senior: White shirt and senior school tie

Only plain white T-Shirt/singlets (no logos) may be worn under school shirts

College blazer

College jumper (machine washable)

Years 7-12 - College Bag

Sports Uniform

On a Thursday a student may wear either:


a)    The MCE College sports shirt and MCE embroidered college crested black shorts, MCE white crew or ankle socks and sports shoes;


b)   All of the above, together with the school tracksuit.


*If required, the College jumper may only be worn under the tracksuit top.

**If required, only a plain white T- shirt or singlet may be worn under the College sport shirt.

***Sports shoes may only include joggers or cross trainers. They are not to include skate shoes, canvas shoes, suede shoes, basketball shoes, walkers, sandshoes or any other classification of sporting footwear.




Students must wear the College cap and appropriate factor sunblock whilst participating in all outdoor activities. HOUSE shirts are to be worn at Internal Sport.  You must travel to and from school in the COLLEGE sport shirt.

Physical Education Uniform

All boys must follow a well-organised Physical Education program in Years 7-10, and each boy must have the correct attire for practical lessons:

Summer:      House shirt, shorts and predominately white sports shoes, MCE white crew sports socks

Winter:         Football jumper or sweatshirt, house shirt, shorts or tracksuit pants, MCE white crew sports socks and sports shoes.


The sports uniform may be worn for Physical Education classes.

Non-Wearing of Correct Uniform

Any student out of correct full college uniform is to carry a note from a parent explaining when the uniform will be corrected. The note is to be presented to the student's homeroom teacher and Year Coordinator for signing, and the student is to keep the note on him in case another staff member requests to see it. It is expected that correction of the uniform will be a priority.

Suppliers of School Uniform

Back to Basics/Cowan and Lewis Pty. Ltd 1315 Pacific Highway, Turramurra 2074. Phone 9449 9777.

N.B. For new students, Cowan & Lewis come to the school in Term 1 each year to measure and supply. Information about this will be sent home in the newsletter.

Grooming and Hair

Your personal appearance is an important aspect of the presentation of your uniform and is an expression of your pride in yourself and the College. As such, earrings and studs or any form of jewellery are not allowed to be worn at school.

Your hair should always:

  • be clean, neat and short
  • be of its natural colour
  • be free from extremes of length or fashion 
  • be free from steps, undercuts, scalp designs, rat tails, wedges or number one or two blades
  • it is important that you be clean shaven at all times
  • be neatly groomed at all times
  • sideburns are to be shaved no further than level with the midpoint of your ears and not shaped
  • be consistent with the directions of the College Principal or Year Coordinator.

Students may be suspended until their hair style is acceptable.

College Representatives - Uniforms

Whenever individuals or groups represent the College at MCS or other sport, debate or any other function, they are to wear the appropriate full uniform to the highest standard, always remembering that they are playing or participating for the College as well as for themselves as individual members of MCE. Any student representing the school in sport must be dressed in the full sports uniform. Students not dressed in correct uniform will not be permitted to represent the school.